The System:

Revolutionizing the Standard of Care for Coronary Artery Disease Detection.

  • Stress-free
  • Radiation and contrast-free
  • Non-invasive
  • Accurate
  • Immediate results
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The Medical Issue

Coronary Artery Disease (“CAD”):

  • The leading cause of premature death worldwide, accounting for more deaths than all cancers combined.
  • Predicted to increase 18% by 2030 due to patient obesity, stress due to lifestyle factors, and aging populations1.


Detection is a substantial challenge:

  • Only 20% of CAD cases are diagnosed prior to a heart attack2.
  • In 57% of cases, sudden cardiac death is the first symptom3.


Lifetime risk of developing CAD after age 401
The % of Sudden Cardiac Deaths where patients were previously asymptomatic

1 American Heart Association, Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2012 Update
2 Semmlow J., Rahalkar K. Acoustic Detection of Coronary Artery Disease; Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering, 2007
3 American Heart Association, Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2011 Update. Dallas, TX: American Heart Association

The Challenge

Current Diagnostics Have Limitations and Risks

  • Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA) and Invasive Coronary Angiography (ICA) have high diagnostic accuracy, but are cost prohibitive for widespread use, and expose patients to the equivalent of between 3.8 and 7.7 years of background radiation.
  • First line diagnostics such as exercise treadmill test are lower cost, but lack sufficient diagnostic accuracy, resulting in unnecessary referrals to CCTA and ICA.
  • Between 25% and 50% of patients receiving CCTA and ICA procedures have no obstructive CAD.


Lack of an accurate, cost-effective, and patient-friendly modality for CAD detection has resulted in:

  • High costs for payors.
  • Diagnostic challenges for physicians.
  • Adverse outcomes and inconvenience for patients.
Diagnostic Accuracy of Exercise Stress Test

The Solution


The  SystemTM

AusculSciences’TM CAD-det System is a rapid, functional test designed to increase the standard of care for detection of CAD, while decreasing costs and enhancing patient safety.

In just a few minutes, the CAD-det System uses its patented technology to acquire and analyze cardiac acoustic data and deliver immediate results with high diagnostic accuracy enabling clinicians to rule-out CAD in patients while ensuring at-risk patients receive the proper level of care.

Benefits to Patients:

  • Test is completed in minutes.
  • Non-invasive.
  • No exposure to radiation.
  • No exercise or pharmaceutical stress required.


Benefits For Healthcare Professionals:

  • Easy for physicians, nurses, and technicians to use.
  • Short test times, with immediate results.
  • Novel data presentation for aiding clinical decision-making.
  • Integration with health record systems.
  • Suitable for busy hospitals and clinics.

The Science

AusculSciences’TM CAD-det SystemTM non-invasively detects the sounds associated with turbulent blood flow in stenosed coronary arteries – a direct indication of CAD.

The Team

AusculSciencesTM (pronounced “oss-kull sciences” – derived from “auscultation”, which is the act of listening to the sounds of the body as part of a medical diagnosis) is a medical device, services, and software solutions company dedicated to the development of acoustic technologies to detect cardiovascular conditions. AusculSciences’ non-invasive, non-stressful and non-nuclear approach provides physicians with actionable data to support clinical decision making, while improving patient comfort and reducing the cost of diagnosis. AusculSciences’ goal is to continually improve its products and services, partnering with healthcare providers to create Sound Hearts Through Sound Technology™.

Michael Lahr
President and Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Marina Vernalis
Chief Medical Advisor
Bob Griffin
Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations
Imad Nasr
Chief Information Officer
John Phillips
Director, Product Management
Rob Matheson
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Saleem Ansari
Director, Quality Assurance
Elizabeth Zhou
Manager, Finance and Human Resources
Frederick W. Sachs, Jr.
Stephen M. Cumbie
John Lamar
Michael Lahr
Bob Griffin
Dr. Marina Vernalis
Chief Medical Advisor
Dr. George Vetrovec
Medical Advisor
Dr. Joel Temme
Medical Advisor

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