Revolutionizing the Standard of Care for
Coronary Artery Disease Detection.


Radiation and contrast-free



The CAD-det SystemTM
Non-invasively detects the sounds
associated with turbulent blood
flow in stenosed coronary arteries
- a direct indication of CAD.

The Solution

The System


The CAD-detTM System is a rapid, functional test designed to increase the standard of care for detection of CAD, while decreasing costs and enhancing patient safety.

In just a few minutes, the CAD-det System uses its patented technology to acquire and analyze cardiac acoustic data (an “AusculCardiogramTM”) and deliver immediate results with high diagnostic accuracy enabling clinicians to rule-out CAD in patients while ensuring at-risk patients receive the proper level of care.

Benefits to Patients:

  • Test is completed in minutes.
  • Non-invasive.
  • No exposure to radiation.
  • No exercise or pharmaceutical stress required.

Benefits For Healthcare Professionals:

  • Easy for physicians, nurses, and technicians to use.
  • Short test times, with immediate results.
  • Novel data presentation for aiding clinical decision-making.
  • Integration with health record systems.
  • Suitable for busy hospitals and clinics.


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