AusculSciences Disrupts Standard of Care for Detection of Coronary Artery Disease

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Company’s non-invasive CAD-det System to be showcased at upcoming Canadian healthcare events.

OTTAWAOct. 11, 2017 /CNW/ – AusculSciences™, a pioneer in developing advanced acoustic technologies to detect cardiovascular disease, today announced that the CAD-det System™, a disruptive, non-invasive device intended to detect Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) will be showcased at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in VancouverOctober 21-23, and at HealthAchieve in TorontoNovember 6-7.

The company’s CAD-det System is designed to be a rapid, functional test intended to aid in the diagnosis of CAD by detecting the sounds associated with turbulent blood flow in stenosed coronary arteries.  In just a few minutes, the CAD-det System uses its patented technology to acquire and analyze cardiac acoustic data and deliver results.  The test is non-invasive and does not expose the patient to stress or ionizing radiation.  The CAD-det System can be used to assist in clinical decision making, helping ensure that advanced imaging diagnostics are reserved for higher-risk patients, reducing healthcare costs and improving patient safety.  The CAD-det System is being developed and tested under an investigational testing authorization from Health Canada.  The Company plans to submit a medical device license application to Health Canada in mid-2018.

“Diagnosing obstructive coronary artery disease by auscultation is truly novel, and has the potential to change the practice of clinical cardiology,” said Dr. Benjamin Chow, Director of Cardiac Imaging at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, and Principal Investigator in the upcoming CAD-det System clinical trial.  “The CAD-det System may substantially disrupt the current standard of care, especially if it proves to be a safer, more cost effective, and more accurate technique than currently available modalities”.

The use of advanced cardiac imaging techniques to diagnose CAD represents a significant cost to the Canadian healthcare system.  In 2013, nearly 250,000 such procedures were performed in Ontario alone, at a cost of over CAD $180 million.

“The CAD-det System is being developed to seamlessly integrate with health record systems which –combined with its rapid test times and extremely operator and patient-friendly design – makes it well-suited for use in a variety of busy clinical environments,” said Michael Lahr, President of AusculSciences.  “We are excited to continue advancing our technology in partnership with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, and look forward to introducing the CAD-det System to the Canadian cardiology community and other healthcare leaders at these two events”.

About AusculSciences

AusculSciences is a medical device, services, and software solutions company dedicated to the development of acoustic technologies to detect cardiovascular conditions.  AusculSciences’ non-invasive, non-stressful and non-nuclear approach provides physicians with actionable data to support clinical decision making, while improving patient comfort and reducing the cost of diagnosis.  AusculSciences’ goal is to continually improve its products and services, partnering with healthcare providers to create Sound Hearts Through Sound Technology™.

For further information: John Phillips, Director, Product Management, AusculSciences, Tel: +1-613-763-0088 ext. 102, Email:, Twitter: @ausculsciences

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